The World Is Coming Together

'The World Is Coming Together' is a global peace and enviroment project which takes its followers on a journey through life. It celebrates cultural diversity and humanity through immersive, interactive and multidisciplinary creative art collaborations.
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MBQ - Mathias Baumann Quartet

MBQ is a guitar Jazz quartet with a more traditional Jazz sound. The compositions are a mixture of different Jazz styles from Blues to Hard Bop and Modal Jazz. Our album Expectations was released on the 23rd November 2015.
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RaÍces del Mundo | Nucleus | 4.09

In 2013 Mathias Baumann (composer/musician), Sinéad Cullen (visual artist) and Jo Cummins (visual artist) decided to try a creative experiment. Sinéad created a painting; RaÍces del Mundo, which was passed on to Mathias, who composed a piece of music based on his interpretation of the painting. The composition, entitled Nucleus was then forwarded to Jo. Not having seen Sinéad's original painting, Jo who has synaesthesia painted the colours and patterns she saw when she listened to Nucleus. The title for her painting 4.09 comes from the moment in the composition when Jo saw the image she painted.
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Inspiring Nature - Wicklow Way | Tango Melancholy

In late August 2015 I embarked on a 5 day hiking trip through the Wicklow Mountains with a friend of mine. It was an amazing experience which brought us very close to nature and far away from our day-to-day way of living. On the way we took some pictures of the stunning Wicklow Mountain National Park which are showcased in a music video of my original composition Tango Melancholy.
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MBG - Mathias Baumann Group

MBG is my septet with strings. Together we play original contemporary Jazz compositions which also have a blend of classical and world genre.
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Steven Peter - Loss, Love, Life

Loss, Love, Life is a series of three EPs which is followed by an album that I produced, recorded, mixed and mastered and played on as a session guitarist in 2014/2015.
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Joe Casey - This Road

This Road is Joe Casey's debut album which I produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in 2013. On some of the tracks I am also featured on guitar.
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From October 2013 until February 2015 I was involved in a multidisciplinary artist collaboration. Together we exhibited in New York from October 2014 until January 2015.
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Susana Lima

In 2011 I recorded a Bossa Nova album with Portugese singer Susana Lima.
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Japanese Toys

From 2006 until 2011 I played with the Alternative Rock band Japanese Toys. We recorded and released a single in 2007 and our album Dance Me in 2011.
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Blue Spirit

From 1994 until 2005 I was a member of the Progressive Rock band Blue Spirit. We released our album A Voyage Through My History in 2005.
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Corporate Events

For many years Mathias has been playing as a session musician and also with his own bands at corporate events, weddings, private parties, bars and restaurants.
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